About Us

Janel R. Beckley, Ph.D.


Co-founder & CEO

Janel is a broadly-trained research scientist with degrees from Maryville College (B.A. in Biology and Chemistry), Cornell University (M.S. in Environmental Toxicology) and Texas A &M University (Ph.D. in Bioanalytical Chemistry). She has always kept one foot in biology and one in chemistry, developing and adapting methodologies to address biological questions, resulting in over 20 peer-reviewed publications. When she isn’t contemplating scientific problems, you can usually find her in the kitchen playing with food.

Craig Israel


Co-founder & CTO

Craig is an experienced architect who adapts frameworks and tools to meet application demands. He is a perpetual learner who is always pushing himself to find better solutions with the best available tools. When not writing code, he likes to travel, explore, and hunt down the best places to eat wherever he goes.