Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProteoWorker?

A cloud-based proteomic pipeline. What does that mean? We leverage the scalability of the cloud to process your data quickly and we integrate many different tools together so you don't have to.

Who should use it?

Anyone doing MS-based data dependent proteomic analysis (even biologists with little MS experience!)

When will it be available?

We will begin beta testing in late summer 2017.

Where can I use it?

Anywhere! All you need is a web browser. A tablet, PC, Mac, Linux machine, or even a smart phone.

Why should you use it?

It is fast, easy and efficient, and it frees you of hardware maintenance costs. In short, you should use ProteoWorker so you can focus on science, instead of chaining together dozens of cryptic tools and waiting for long periods of time for data to be processed.